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An Educators iPad Chris Smith

An Educators iPad

Chris Smith

Published February 11th 2012
Kindle Edition
352 pages
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 About the Book 

This eBook is written for educators and parents who have an interest in mobile learning and especially in the use of Apples iPad tablet. It is not a How-to manual but a resource for enabling more informed decisions regarding the use of mobile technology in learning and teaching.It is a sharing of Chris Smiths own experiences and also his own iPad and some of the six hundred Apps installed – most are related to teaching and learning, some are productivity tools, some communication, a few to support his own life-style and a very few that are just plain silly.With over half a million Apps in the Apps Store this selection is a very small percentage and the list is guaranteed to have missed some that may be your own individual favourites, especially when considering individual curriculum subject areas.The eBook was born from the idea that he wanted to share some of the Apps collected that have a relevance to teaching and learning. It’s evolved into much more than anticipated.It is clear, though, that the main goal in compiling this book is the hope of saving teachers and parents time when searching for suitable Apps or strategies to use in this challenging and throughly exciting period of time.Chapter titles are ...| shambles.NET | Keeping up to Date | Podcasts | VPN | VGA HDMI and AirPlay | Presenting | Managing iPads | Backing Up | Shamblesguru’s Top Ten | Twitter | Built-In Apps | Remote Desktops | Apps to Find Apps | Search & Browsers | Social Networks | Blogging | Just Google | Sharing Digital Media | eBook Readers | eBook Sources | DTP Office | Reading Documents | Notetaking | Drawing | Audio | Music Creation | Music Web 2.0 | Radio Online | QR Codes | Mind Mapping | Digital Story Telling | Screencasting | Polling and Voting | Cameras | Photo Editing & Sharing | Video Intro | Shooting and Editing Video | Video Online | Video Conferencing | Video Streaming | YouTube | Media Players | Games for Learning | Subject Related | Cross Curriculum | Health and Safety | Mobile Learning |